The new single by Immortal Melody

After many years Xander alias Alessandro Garipoli (singer and leader of IM) has decided to produce a single in collaboration with Andrew Fly. Andrew Fly says: “That’s my first collaboration using WEB tools, and the distance it doesn´t exists because I have in common with Xander an incredible alchemy about the music”. Xander says: “I […]


Since 1998, Andrew Fly has created this song, He was helped by Ornella Calcagno for the lyrics. In the year 2016 was finally completed and performed by the virtual singer Annie Wonder™. The song tells about a difficult  of a guy afraid to make the first move, so a never started story. Definitely a beautiful […]

The best of Andrew Fly

After many years I’ve decided to create an album of my most famous songs since 1999 to 2016. I love to share it to people and fans a big part of my past as composer.   The album is full of emotions and I suggest to everyone to buy it because it’s like a big tower […]

The Earth Pyramid Project – Moving Eye Production

Andrew Fly is happy to announce the amazing collaboration  as film composer for Moving Eye Production about a project named The Earth Pyramid. One of the best and precious ideas for the humanity future, as well a big opportunity to share to the next generations the human culture without limits and barrers. Please take a […]