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Cover Album Andrew Fly

Since 1998, Andrew Fly has created this song, He was helped by Ornella Calcagno for the lyrics.

In the year 2016 was finally completed and performed by the virtual singer Annie Wonder™.

The song tells about a difficult  of a guy afraid to make the first move, so a never started story.

Definitely a beautiful pop song with the 90’s background and a sweet memory of adolescence.

Andrew Fly and Annie Wonder together for the new single “Another Reason”

Annie Wonder


After the great success Induction, Andrew Fly still working with Annie Wonder (3D Character) for a the new single “Another Reason”.

Why to work with a 3D Character?

Andrew says: “After many years as composer I’ve understood to work with a virtual singer is too much interesting than real collaboration. That’s why I can get good results looking to do something of innovative. I would like to collaborate with humans but it’s too difficult, maybe in the future, but until now I am good”.




Red Passion: Andrew Fly’s Music trip

Red Passion (Cover Album)

In 2004 Andrew  has composed this amazing theme for an Italian  short film by Fabrizio Famá named ROSSO,  unfortunately the music was just an example cause the product was completed before the release of Red Passion.

Andrew Fly: This album is a music trip to memories, an orchestral lullaby , a sweet soundtrack for yourself.

Enjoy  it on Bandcamp / Just 7 $ USD