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What’s Up Morons – A film by Charlotte Zang (Music by Andrew Fly)

Hello Everyone!

In August 2020 I had the pleasure to work with the talented director Charlotte Zang, I made the music for the short movie “What’s Up Morons” edited by Fabrizio Famà.
The short film has a very nice script, full of fun and comical mood that includes all the characteristics of a Drama Comedy.
The short film will be presented at different film festivals and so we are very excited for that.
The music has different styles such as: Surfy, Punk and Pulp.

I am so sure that you will like it!

Cinematic Alpha – The new frontier of audio samples by Andrew Fly

Cinematic Alpha Vocals Edition

I am proud to share my new “lockdown” project Cinematic Alpha, the new concept of “lite samples”.
The first product that I dedicated to the Vocals and Phrases, I asked the amazing performance by Laura Kleinas and Denise Guerrera alias AMNE. Two very talented singers who made possible this digital dream.
I can’t forget Fabrizio Famà for the Bonus samples, he made a great job recording his electric guitar!
But You already know that it’s very important to test a prototype, so I asked the precious opinions of different artists such as: Tim Truman (Miami Vice, Melrose Place, Charmed etc.), Chris Hüelsbeck (Turrican, The Giana Sisters, etc.), Iván Martínez Lacámara (Money Heist, Vis a Vis, El embarcadero), Fabian Del Priore, Fabio Tedde alias The Pianist Without Borders, Domenico Ciaffone (Sterling, Time & space etc.), Renato Avallone, Sebastian Lis, Dave Meredith.
I am very grateful with all them, they are talented and good people, they helped me a lot when I used to develop the library until the publishing process.

The Demo by Chris Hüelsbeck
Chris has composed an amazing demo for Cinematic Alpha, wow my favorite composer who has created the music for the Commodore games, when I was 7 years old I played listening his amazing music.
I have to be honest with you, I was moved when he sent me the demo, my wife was under shock to see me with big tears of happiness. Listen the demo by Chris Hüelsbeck

Cinematic alpha is 1.7 Gb only on hard disk, very lite and useful, that’s why I want to give the opportunity to customers to save space and perform very well.

Watch the Trailer with the review of Iván Martínez Lacámara

Watch the Trailer with the reviews of Tim Truman, Chris Hüelsbeck and Fabian Del Priore

Watch the Trailer with the reviews of Domenico Ciaffone, Renato Avallone, Fabio Tedde and Sebastian Lis

Cinematic Alpha – Official Soundcloud Channel

Special Thanks to Family and Friends for the support!

Thanks to all reviewers:
Chris Hüelsbeck
Iván Martínez Lacámara
Tim Truman
Fabian Del Priore
Domenico Ciaffone
Renato Avallone
The Pianist Without Borders
Sebastian Lis
Dave Meredith

Antigone wins Best Score at New York International Film Awards


Antigone is the winner, the movie written and directed by Michael Justin Lee and scored by the composer Flavio Garozzo alias Andrew Fly.

This movie is a Film Noir reinterpretation of the ancient tragedy by Sophocles written in approximately 441 BC. The backstory, revealed by inference, is that Antigone’s brother, an officer in the United States Marines who was killed in combat and given an honorable military burial in Arlington National Cemetery, was court martialed posthumously on a tenuous charge of treason. The cruelly ambitious United States Secretary of Defense, eager for any opportunity to burnish her reputation, has ordered his body’s disinterment and eviction from Arlington. Antigone, desperate but convinced of her older brother’s innocence and having exhausted all legal avenues of redress, decides on her only remaining recourse for justice. Written by Michael Justin Lee

Download the PDF with the list of winners March 2020


Fabrizio Famá and Michael Justin Lee
Fabrizio Famá and Michael Justin Lee
Photo Backstage with Marlain Angelides and Jillian Geurts
Marlain Angelides and Jillian Geurts
Michael Justin Lee and Amanda K. Morales
Amanda K. Morales and Jacopo Messina
Production: Capital Stewardship 

Year: 2019

Director / Writer: Michael Justin Lee

Film Editor: Fabrizio Famá

Audio: Jacopo Messina

Music: Andrew Fly

Joan Of Arc wins Best Score at TMA 2020


The original score created by Flavio Garozzo alias Andrew Fly for the movie Joan Of Arc was judged as winner as Best Track of the January 2020.

(Original link: https://americantracksmusicawards.wordpress.com/january-2020-winners/ )

A Film by Michael Justin Lee who has radically changed the rules of edutainment creating amazing stories based to the Holy Bible with the goal to entertain the public within simplicity and genuinity.

Joan Of Arc was approved by DOVE.org with this Review:

“Director Lee has said she did this awe-inspiring song in just one take and it is guaranteed to move anyone who listens to the unforgettable song. I was moved and my emotions were stirred.There is nothing to prevent this splendid film from receiving our Dove Seal for All Ages, and so it is awarded our seal”. (Original Link: https://dove.org/review/15083-joan-of-arc/)



Stevie Wonder at NAB Show 2018

Hi Everyone!

I have been to the NAB SHOW with the Film Editor Fabrizio Famà -THINEDGEFILMS (October 17th and 18th 2018), an amazing opportunity to discover broadcasting and non-broadcasting technologies and a powerful engine of motivation for the infotainment and entertainment world.

But I never wondered to meet the amazing Stevie Wonder at the Rob Papen exhibit, Stevie appears as a quite and lovely person and.

Thanks to the courtesy of his bodyguard who has kindly taken my business card for Stevie, I hope that He can listen my songs.

New York is an amazing place and I hope to back soon!

Stevie Wonder – © Andrew Fly 2018


Joan Of Arc – A film by Michael J. Lee (Music: Andrew Fly)

Joan Of Arc – © Capital Stewardship 2018

Joan Of Arc , written and directed by Michael J. Lee

I am grateful with Michael J. Lee for this amazing opportunity to compose the music for this amazing short movie, also I also thank Fabrizio Famà who has edited and co-directed this opera generating very emotive feelings.

The movie will participate to different film festivals and it will be available on Digital Stores, Amazon is one of these.

For more details go to:





Andrew Fly and Pond5 (Official Page)

The Andrew Fly’s official page created by Pond5

Hi Everyone!

I am really excited to share my new Pond5 Page which you can buy and download my music background created for all media.

I am working so hard to produce the best music and sound for broadcasting and non-broadcasting, so I would appreciate your sharing and I am so convinced that with your precious help I can get amazing results.

If you want to visit my Pond5 page, go to this page:



Andrew Fly is a Pond5 Artist

Andrew Fly and Pond5


I am pleased to give this amazing news to my fans and customers: I am part of Pond5!

After many years I’ve decided to work for different companies using this tools and I am so convinced that something amazing will happen!

I will upload music for Advertising, Movies, Documentaries, Digital Media and Broadcasting.

Soon I will publish my Pond5 profile on my website and Social Networks!

Thank you so much for your attention! Have a lovely day everyone!


New Digital Music Distributor: INDIEFY

Andrew Fly and Indiefy



I am proud to be part of the new Mexican family called INDIEFY, an amazing opportunity to distribute music for free.

When I’ve seen the Advertisement I was under shock because to distribute is not easy and there are complicated and paid processes to upload a song into the others distributors.

Indiefy gives the possibility to artists to earn money and to distribute for free into 110 Worldwide Digital Stores.

The team of Indiefy is represented by  4 talented guys: Juliuxx Osuna, Luis Hernandez , Alex Hernández Flores and Gilberto Ávalos .

Indie Market represents a big percentage of artists that are totally abandoned by the big market, so Indiefy is looking to create a massive distribution.

How much this service?

Nothing, just put your logo on your Cover Album or in your VIDEO, sign a contract and F L Y   T O   T H E   M O O N.

I suggest this service to all artists that want to improve their talent with this free formula that I define a great friendship with the INDIEFY family.