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The new Videclip by Andrew Fly: “The Tree of Broken Hearts”.


The new videoclip by Andrew Fly: “The Tree of Broken Hearts” feat. Annie Wonder.

72 Hours working for this product, a trip to the Moon , New York and London with Annie Wonder.

This work was made using a Laptop Intel Celeron and an iMac G5 PPC, there aren’t speakers, just a Presonus and a Vocaloid as singer.

For sure Andrew Fly loves London (UK), and this video is dedicated to this amazing country.

Special thanks to: Elizabeth Molina, Nick Garozzo Molina, the Rooke’s Family,  Simon Hare and Dan Strano.

Bonnie’s House: New Youtube Channel for children

Liam Rooke and Andrew Fly – BONNIE’S HOUSE

Hello Everyone,

I am glad to present BONNIE’S HOUSE, a new Youtube Channel designed for children, a learning project created by Liam Rooke and Me.

Liam is an amazing Actor and Voice over and He always is full of energy and creativity to realize ideas like Bonnie’s House.

I love to arrange music for this amazing channel and my son is my motivation too in this fantastic adventure.

I hope that you LIKE and SHARE our Video:

Thank you so much.

Andrew Fly