Andrew Fly Collection 2.0


I created this free collection for the international community of musicians and I am proud to share it because this is my second experiment about the samples design. I am starting this new adventure as sound designer and developer also if I am a film composer who works for the entertainment industry.

The old version of AFC doesn’t include the ENStrings Ensamble Strings, so the one way is to upgrade your Full Kontakt Version.


NI Kontakt 6.2.1 (Full) 8 GB RAM Dual Core or Quad Core (1.5 GHZ) 300 MB Free Space Please support Andrew Fly, buy a song:

Special Thanks to:
Fabrizio Fama (Tester/Director/Film Editor)
Devon Carey (Manager)
Chris Hüelsbeck (Composer)
Laura Kleinas (Vocal Samples in Minipads Collection)
Steven Larkin (Composer)
Liam Rooke (Producer)
John Vaughn (Film Composer)
Nicolas Ferdinando Garozzo Molina (My amazing son)