Andrew Fly and Pond5 (Official Page)

The Andrew Fly’s official page created by Pond5

Hi Everyone!

I am really excited to share my new Pond5 Page which you can buy and download my music background created for all media.

I am working so hard to produce the best music and sound for broadcasting and non-broadcasting, so I would appreciate your sharing and I am so convinced that with your precious help I can get amazing results.

If you want to visit my Pond5 page, go to this page:


Andrew Fly is a Pond5 Artist

Andrew Fly and Pond5


I am pleased to give this amazing news to my fans and customers: I am part of Pond5!

After many years I’ve decided to work for different companies using this tools and I am so convinced that something amazing will happen!

I will upload music for Advertising, Movies, Documentaries, Digital Media and Broadcasting.

Soon I will publish my Pond5 profile on my website and Social Networks!

Thank you so much for your attention! Have a lovely day everyone!


New Digital Music Distributor: INDIEFY

Andrew Fly and Indiefy



I am proud to be part of the new Mexican family called INDIEFY, an amazing opportunity to distribute music for free.

When I’ve seen the Advertisement I was under shock because to distribute is not easy and there are complicated and paid processes to upload a song into the others distributors.

Indiefy gives the possibility to artists to earn money and to distribute for free into 110 Worldwide Digital Stores.

The team of Indiefy is represented by  4 talented guys: Juliuxx Osuna, Luis Hernandez , Alex Hernández Flores and Gilberto Ávalos .

Indie Market represents a big percentage of artists that are totally abandoned by the big market, so Indiefy is looking to create a massive distribution.

How much this service?

Nothing, just put your logo on your Cover Album or in your VIDEO, sign a contract and F L Y   T O   T H E   M O O N.

I suggest this service to all artists that want to improve their talent with this free formula that I define a great friendship with the INDIEFY family.





Choices – The new trance song by Andrew Fly

Choice / © Andrew Fly Media 2018

I am working for a new trance song titled CHOICES.

I written many music scores, but this time I’ve tried a new style to increase my abilities about electronic music.

This time I used SUNVOX, a free music software created by WarmPlace.Ru, amazing for the electronic music productions.

In this song there is the voice of Annie Wonder®, the virtual singer and the song has an extended mix and a radio edit.

The product it will be available on Bandcamp and all digital music stores!

Medea – A film by Michael Justin Lee, Musical score by Andrew Fly

I am proud to announce the release of MEDEA, a film by Michael Justin Lee and edited by Fabrizio Famá.

Cover Medea – All rights reserved to Michael Justin Lee

I’ve created the music score for this movie taking care of the DRAMA of this story.

The synopsis:

In this modern reinterpretation of the ancient Greek classic, the jilted and emotionally unstable wife of the cruelly ambitious Assistant Secretary of the Treasury takes revenge on her former husband in the most horrifying manner imaginable.

If you want buy this movie go to:






News about Michael Justin Lee and Andrew Fly


Salomé – Available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video

The year 2017 was really interesting for me because I’ve collaborated  with an amazing entrepreneur, director and writer.

His name is Michael Justin Lee, born in  Hong Kong and living in USA,  a really kind person and talented writer who has written books, representing as sociological way the study of American society and economy. (Click to view the books)

Michael Justin Lee (Director and Writer)

He was premiered at Court Métrage Festival de Cannes 2015 for the short movie “Medea”, an impressionistic rendition of the Greek tragedy. In 2017, Michael has created an important collection of short movies having as theme the study of the Bible represented with a modern comparison with the actual world.

I’ve created the scores for his operas as Salomé, Medea, The Seventh and others that will be released in the future.

I want mark the precious work by Fabrizio Famà (video editor) and Jacopo Messina as sound engineer.

In my opinion I had one of most beautiful experience about friendship and scoring and I hope to continue this amazing collaboration with Michael and all the staff.

Thank you so much






The new videoclip by Andrew Fly performed by Monalisa

Monalisa Queiroz

I am so happy to share my last videoclip performed by the amazing Brazilian model Monalisa Queiroz who is dancing and acting.
The video was made with a smartphone, the idea is to show a natural prospective of art and acting performing!
The voice is a TTS Music Software and the result it’s simply original and amazing!

Enjoy :

I can fly without you – Andrew Fly

O1 – Andrew Fly

Hello Everyone,

Finally I’ve released my album “01” totally created using the virtual voice of Annie Wonder.

In this album you can listen the new song “I can fly without you” , a dance style always in evolution.

The song sounds like 90s music and it will be released a videoclip on VEVO channel with an amazing model from Brazil: Monalisa Queiroz.

In September I will direct and shoot the videoclip in Mexico City and all will be simply excellent.

If you want enjoy the song you can buy it on iTUNES or listen on Spotify, Bandcamp etc.

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