Circa ’78 Directed by Jason Bogdaneris – Music by Andrew Fly

Circa ’78 / Copyright Jason Bogdaneris 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am very happy to have had the pleasure to work for the short movie Circa ’78 directed and written by Jason Bogdaneris and edited by Fabrizio Famá.

An amazing movie colored by a vintage and great story which I had the great opportunity to create the music.

The short movie will be present in different film festivals and I am so happy to be part of this staff.

Thank you Jason for this amazing opportunity!

Andrew Fly


The new single by Immortal Melody

After many years Xander alias Alessandro Garipoli (singer and leader of IM) has decided to produce a single in collaboration
with Andrew Fly.
Andrew Fly says: “That’s my first collaboration using WEB tools, and the distance it doesn´t exists because I have in common with Xander an incredible alchemy about the music”.
Xander says: “I love the strings during the song, before I was afraid, but now I am satisfied of final result”.
For sure Enrico Strano (bass) and Cesare Scalia (drums) are the heart of this song too!
That’s can be a start of a great collaboration with Immortal Melody using WEB

If you want listen the song please click here


Cover Album Andrew Fly

Since 1998, Andrew Fly has created this song, He was helped by Ornella Calcagno for the lyrics.

In the year 2016 was finally completed and performed by the virtual singer Annie Wonder™.

The song tells about a difficult  of a guy afraid to make the first move, so a never started story.

Definitely a beautiful pop song with the 90’s background and a sweet memory of adolescence.

The best of Andrew Fly

After many years I’ve decided to create an album of my most famous songs since 1999 to 2016.

I love to share it to people and fans a big part of my past as composer.   The album is full of emotions and I suggest to everyone to buy it because it’s like a big tower of emotions. Please if You are interested it’s possible to buy it  here .

Thanks to my family and friends!

The new Videclip by Andrew Fly: “The Tree of Broken Hearts”.


The new videoclip by Andrew Fly: “The Tree of Broken Hearts” feat. Annie Wonder.

72 Hours working for this product, a trip to the Moon , New York and London with Annie Wonder.

This work was made using a Laptop Intel Celeron and an iMac G5 PPC, there aren’t speakers, just a Presonus and a Vocaloid as singer.

For sure Andrew Fly loves London (UK), and this video is dedicated to this amazing country.

Special thanks to: Elizabeth Molina, Nick Garozzo Molina, the Rooke’s Family,  Simon Hare and Dan Strano.

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